Croydon Early Learning Centre is owned and operated by the Misra family. It offers a warm and friendly environment with activities to encourage children to learn, play, and explore. The centre boasts a large outdoor play area with massive shady trees, sand pits, digging areas and gardens. A popular feature is our interactive animal enclosure.

Each day includes a focus activity: Cooking, Gym Class, Music and Movement, Science or Art. Parents are always welcome at the centre and many choose to join us for the frequent incursions and excursions throughout the year. We hope you and your children will consider us a home away from home while enjoying "Confidence in Care".

We understand that you may feel anxious leaving your child for the first time, so we do our best to make this as stress free as possible.

In this room the children are beginning to play alongside one-another and activities such as dancing and cooking are offered.

Kindi Kids provides an environment where children are encouraged to explore and are challenged to learn.

Kindergarten is not just a place to prepare a child for school. Kindergarten is a critical time in a child's development that has an impact on the rest of their life.