How Do Media Impact Learning When Showing People Shaking Hands To Greet Each Other?

When the media depict individuals greeting one another by shaking hands, for example, this has an effect on learning since society norms are being established. Please log in to view further details. Added 6/14/2016 3:34:01 PM

How does it affect people’s ability to learn when the media depict individuals greeting one other by shaking hands? They illustrate alternative points of view. They become examples for others to emulate.

How do you shake hands in different countries?

When greeting someone in Morocco, the back of one person’s right hand is touched to the back of the other person’s right hand. In Rwanda, greetings are exchanged by grabbing the other person’s wrist, unless, of course, both of your hands are filthy, in which case you just touch wrists. Even with clean hands, navigating the system in Botswana is more difficult than in other countries.

How do you shake hands in Botswana?

Even with clean hands, navigating the system in Botswana is more difficult than in other countries.The traditional local handshake between two persons consists of the following stages: First, grab the other person’s hand with both of your right hands, then give a single shake up and down, interlock your thumbs, raise your arms so that they form a right angle, grasp each other’s hands once more, and finally let go into a relaxed ″shake″ position before releasing the other person’s hand.6.

Make a clapping sound.

How do people greet each other around the world?

Here are ten diverse ways that people greet one another across a variety of nations and cultures, ranging from touching noses in Qatar to bowing in Laos. (Some of these motions may be performed without making contact with one another, which is very beneficial if you are currently choosing for no-contact salutes to prevent the spread of coronavirus.) 1. Protrude your tongue completely.

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Is a handshake a greeting or a greeting?

When meeting someone for the first time or beginning a business meeting, it is common practice in many Western nations to offer a firm handshake as a kind and courteous greeting. However, this is not the case in other parts of the world.

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