Which Of The Following Is True Of The Business-Embedded Be Learning Function?

Which of the following statements regarding the business-embedded learning function (BE) is accurate? The BE function places an emphasis on the consumer.

Does a be training function guarantee that training will improve performance?

There is no assurance that merely adding a training function to a BE would lead to improved performance. d. Line managers do not participate in the training functions that are established under the BE model. The prospect of change causes Justin Mason, who works as a product manager for a manufacturing company, a great deal of anxiety.

What is a characteristic of a learning organization?

Employees in a learning company gain knowledge both from their triumphs and from their failures. b. Employees in a learning company are discouraged from questioning management and from confessing when they have made a mistake. The first step in the process of strategic training and development is .

What is the role of training in an integrated business?

True or false: it is expected that employees will be rotated between different roles within the same company during their training in highly integrated firms. True or false: training programs for organizations operating in an uncertain business climate or one that is experiencing a recession focus more on fixing skill shortcomings than on preparing staff members for new tasks.

Is your organization focused on creating a learning and training brand?

T/F These days, businesses are putting less emphasis on developing their own learning and training brands in comparison to 10 years ago. Introduction to Employee Development and Training in the First Chapter.

Which of the following is true of a learning organization?

Which of the following statements regarding a learning organization is correct? Employees in a learning company gain knowledge both from their triumphs and from their failures. It is generally believed that explicit information has a greater influence on an organization’s ability to attain a competitive advantage than tactic knowledge does.

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Which of the following is the 1st step in the strategic training and development process?

2.31 Establishing metrics to measure the effectiveness of training is the first stage in the process of developing a strategic plan and carrying out training and development.

What is the final step of the strategic training and development process?

Q. The final step of the strategic training and development process involves:
B. Identifying the business strategy.
C. Identifying measures or metrics.
D. Creating concrete training and development activities.
Answer» c. Identifying measures or metrics.

Which of the following is not an advantage of centralized training quizlet?

A corporation can produce multiple potential business plans thanks to the information obtained from a SWOT analysis, which then allows the organization to select one of the available strategies. Which of the following benefits of centralized training is not one of its advantages? opposition to the process of transformation

Which of following is true about learning?

Learning is most successful when it takes place in an atmosphere that is emotionally supportive of the learners and satisfies their needs. At no point in the learning process are cognitive processes influenced by an individual’s emotional state. Learning is essentially a mental process at its core. When youngsters make mistakes, it is a sign that they have not been learning anything.

Which of the following is true about a learning organization Mcq?

Answer « c. Employees in a learning company gain knowledge both from their accomplishments and from their failures.

How can a training function support a business strategy?

Training and development have an effect on the business strategy of a firm because they promote the particular skill development needs that are required to either grow into new areas of business or fend off competitors who are attempting to intrude into its business sectors.

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What are the steps in strategic training and development process?

  1. The method of strategically educating and developing employees is, in essence, quite similar to the process of strategically planning in general.
  2. Identification of requirements, assessment of available options and initiatives, formulation of actions and key performance indicators, allocation of responsibilities to the appropriate audience, implementation, ongoing monitoring, and periodic reassessment are all part of the process.

Which of the following training is also known as Step by Step learning?

3. Job instructions: Also known as step-by-step training, this is when the trainer explains the technique of performing the tasks to the trainee and corrects the learner in the event that the trainee makes a mistake while doing the jobs.

Which of the following types of learning outcome is reflected through the ability to design and code a computer program that meets customer requirements?

The capacity to create and code a computer program that satisfies client needs is an example of which of the following types of learning outcomes? The capacity to apply generalizable concepts and norms to the solution of difficult problems is the primary component of intellectual talent as a consequence of learning.

What is strategic training and development?

The mission of Strategic Training and Development is to improve the knowledge, skills, and behaviors of employees in the workplace by translating theory and research findings into the most effective training approaches currently available.

What is a learning Organisation and what are its characteristics?

An organization that is committed to learning will have mechanisms in place that promote the learning of teams through characteristics such as openness and boundary crossing. Learning in a group setting demands individuals to participate in conversation and debate. As a result, members of the team need to work on cultivating open communication, shared purpose, and shared understanding.

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What are the advantages of a centralized training function?

Employees are meant to be educated through various training programs and seminars that are held in a single location as part of centralized training. On the one hand, this kind of plan is advantageous for the company since it helps the employees have a better grasp of management, performance, and support in the organization. On the other hand, this helps the firm save money.

Which of the following are the major parts of creating learning organizations quizlet?

In order to establish a learning organization, managers are required to fulfill three primary duties or responsibilities, which are as follows: (1) work to develop ideas with effect; (2) work to generalize ideas with impact; and (3) work to foster a commitment to learning. Each of these functions or duties is addressed in some manner by each of the replies.

Which of the following training methods brings digital elements into the physical world to enhance the information and context that people experience?

Which of the following forms of training incorporates components of the digital world into the real world in order to improve the information and context that individuals experience? Reality with augmented elements.

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