Which One Of The Following Statements Is Consistent With The Cognitive Approach To Learning?

Explanation: D) The idea that the same event signifies various things to different people, since individuals have varied motives, previous knowledge, and present interests, is consistent with the cognitive approach to learning.

Which statement is consistent with the cognitive approach to learning?

Explanation: D) The idea that the same event signifies various things to different people, since individuals have varied motives, previous knowledge, and present interests, is consistent with the cognitive approach to learning. Page Ref: 282-283 Skill: Understanding 3) According to the cognitive theory of education, the process of learning

What is the difference between cognitive development and physical development Quizlet?

Cognitive growth happens in a regular sequence, while physical development does not.Which of the following assertions, according to the definition of the phrase ″universal in development″ provided by developmentalists, best reflects what I mean?a.According to Piaget’s theory, formal operational thought is distinguished by an individual’s capacity to think abstractly about a broad range of subjects.


How does the cognitive perspective view people as active processors?

Explanation: A) The cognitive approach sees humans not as passive recipients of information but rather as active processors of information who evaluate stimulus material depending on past knowledge and interest. Page Ref: 282 Skill: Knowledge 2) According to the cognitive method of teaching and learning, which of the following claims is more accurate?

When does development occur in a consistent sequence for most children?

During childhood and the early years of adolescence, development proceeds at a steady and consistent rate; however, this rate begins to slow down during the high school years. b. The majority of youngsters go through the stages of development in the same order from one to the next. c. Physical growth occurs in a regular sequence, while cognitive development does not. d.

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Which one of the following statements best characterizes cognitive psychology’s approach to learning?

Which of the following statements most accurately describes the way cognitive psychology approaches the process of learning? The mental work that students undertake with the material that they are given directly impacts how much they are able to learn.

What is the cognitive approach quizlet?

The cognitive method investigates individuals’s own mental processes and investigates how people perceive, interpret, store, and manipulate information.

What is cognitive learning in psychology quizlet?

The acquisition of mental skills. mental processes such as thinking, knowing, solving problems, and constructing mental representations are examples of mental processes.

Which of the following statements reflects the best understanding about how do you apply the distributed practice effect?

Which of the following statements most accurately shows the level of comprehension of the distributed-practice effect and how it should be applied? It is recommended that you take pauses in between your study sessions so that your opportunities to learn can be spaced out over a longer period of time.

What is the cognitive approach?

The cognitive approach is one that studies internal mental processes, such as attention, perception, memory, and decision-making, via the use of experimental research methodologies. Cognitive psychologists operate under the assumption that the mind consciously analyzes the data received from the senses (touch, taste etc.)

Which of the following strategies is consistent with the textbook’s recommendations for helping students with cognitive or academic difficulties succeed in the classroom?

Only one of the following solutions is in line with the recommendations made by the textbook to assist students who struggle with cognitive or academic issues in achieving success in the classroom. Which one adheres to the rules? Invest some time in explaining the instructions and the expectations, and make sure that the pupils are aware of what it is that is expected of them.

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What is the biological approach quizlet?

According to the biological perspective, anything that can be classified as psychological has a biological underpinning. Therefore, if we want to have a complete understanding of human behavior, we need to turn to the biological structures and processes that occur within the body, such as genes, neurochemistry, and the nervous system.

What is a cognitive learner?

Active learning, also known as cognitive learning, is a method of education that focuses on teaching you how to make the most of your brain’s capabilities. It makes it simpler for you to link newly acquired knowledge with thoughts you already have, so increasing the depth of your memory as well as your capacity to retain information.

What is a cognitive map quizlet?

Cognitive Map. -Representations of the structure of the physical world. -A mental representation of the placements of items and places in the environment. Route map. a route that points out particular locations but does not provide any information on the surrounding area.

Which of the following is an example of observational learning?

Illustrations of Observational Learning for Young Children An newborn will eventually learn to both make and recognize different expressions on their faces.Chewing is first taught to a youngster.The younger child learns by watching an older sibling receive a consequence for taking a cookie without permission without first asking for it, therefore the younger child does not eat cookies without first obtaining permission.A youngster acquires the ability to walk.

Which of the following students provides the best comparison between the term metacognition and the term self knowledge?

Which of the following students offers a more insightful analysis of the similarities and differences between the concepts of ″self-knowledge″ and ″metacognition″? Audrey: ″Self-knowledge is a broad concept that encompasses a wide range of views about an individual, whereas the word ″metacognition″ relates to an individual’s awareness of their own cognitive abilities.″

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Why is distributed practice good for cognitive learners?

In dispersed practice, there is a period of time between each occurrence of an item. This makes retrieving the information difficult, which is good for memory. During massed practice, you recently witnessed the thing, and it is currently present in your mind; hence, there is no need to extract it from memory. Another possible reason has to do with the variable nature of the context.

What is distributed practice learning technique?

A learning strategy known as distributed practice is one in which practice is carried out in a number of brief sessions spread out over an extended period of time, with a sufficient amount of time passing in between each session.

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