Which Of The Following May Be The Result Of Motor Learning In The Sport Of Soccer?

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Question Answer
Which of the following may be the result of motor learning in the sport of soccer? an improvement in ball handling performance
In a transfer design, the temporary effect of the variable must be __________. allowed to dissipate

What is motor learning and performance?

Motor learning is a change in a person’s capacity to perform a motor skill as a consequence of practice or experience that is considered to be reasonably permanent. This is in contrast to performance, which refers to the act of carrying out a motor skill in a way that results in a transient change that is not permanent.

What do you know about soccer?

Without a question, the sport that is played the most often all across the world is soccer. There are several aspects of a match that may be enjoyable, including sportsmanship, teamwork, and the regulations. To evaluate how well you know the ″King of Sports,″ put your expertise to the test with the following questions and answers.

What is the schema theory of discrete motor learning?

On the other hand, in 1975 Robert Schmidt came up with the schema theory of discrete motor learning to describe how humans acquire and carry out discrete perceptual motor abilities. Discrete motor skills are those that are often accomplished in a short amount of time and need the use of one’s senses to first comprehend what is going on and then the use of one’s body to react to it.

Which is an example of a fine motor skill?

Which of the following is an example of a talent that requires the use of your fine motor muscles? One example of a fine motor skill is the ability to type on a laptop keyboard. Fine motor skills tend to be manipulative in nature. A distinct skill possesses beginning and ending points that can be identified without ambiguity

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