In Which Three Domains Of Learning Is Health Instruction Grounded?

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In which three domains of learning is health instruction grounded? Cognitive domain, Affective domain, Psychomotor/skill domain
Define school health services Policies and programs designed to assess health status of children.

What are the three domains of learning?

These three facets of learning are known as cognitive, psychomotor, and affective, respectively. Cognitive refers to one’s knowledge, whereas psychomotor focuses on one’s abilities (attitudes). The many fields may be divided up into categories of learning.

What is the cognitive domain of learning and development?

The process of learning in the cognitive domain involves working through a hierarchy of skill issues as well as undertaking research. There are six stages of cognitive complexity, which are as follows: knowledge, understanding, application, analysis, and synthesis.

What is the affective domain of learning?

Affective learning refers to the development of abilities that encourage healthy emotional reactions. Individuals get an understanding of themselves and develop their feelings, attitudes, and values within this area. Bloom organized the five categories of emotional reaction, from basic to complicated, in the same way that he did with the cognitive domain:

What is the taxonomy of learning domains?

This classification is best understood by reference to the Taxonomy of Learning Domains, which was developed in 1956 by a team of researchers under the direction of Benjamin Bloom together with. The years 1956 to 1972 were crucial for the development and description of the many areas of learning.

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